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In-Depth Driving Classes

Feel confident behind the wheel with the professionals at Latin American Driving School of Lynn, Massachusetts. Our instructors offer stimulating training classes in both English and Spanish so you learn as fast and simple as possible. Following a detailed curriculum provided by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, we make your dreams of getting your license a reality.

Classroom Education

Our teachers accept students between 16 and 18 years of age for our classes. Classroom training is offered throughout the year on a monthly basis. We even offer quick and convenient driving times for our students to help you get your license faster. Additionally, instruction is given during both afternoon and evening hours. During school vacations, you can even attend day sessions.

Our expert teachers offer both classroom and on-the-road driving lessons to ensure you receive the complete hands-on training you need. We teach you the laws of the road through movies and testing with inspectors. Our team makes sure you go through inspection, get the hours in, and handle your registration properly.

Standard Curriculum

You receive a wealth of materials to keep for your reference as you learn how to handle adverse driving conditions, emergencies, and identify potential hazards. Our courses include:

• Exam Preparation
• Driving Evaluations
• Parallel Parking Instruction
• 30 Hours Classroom Education
• 12 Hours of behind the Wheel Training
• Six Hours of Observation
• Two-Hour Class for Student Parents
Student Driver - Driving Classes

Contact us to earn your license as quickly as possible with our convenient driving classes.